KIZMET follows Agile Model of development. Agile software development processes are erected on the basis of iterative development. KIZMET leverages a global delivery model, serving clients effectively and enabling us to implement ways for cost-reduction and deliver quality in service with minimized risk factors. This delivery model allows software teams to work in small batches and deploy value rapidly by leveraging a services model.

Agile is not about in-depth analysis and design that leads to a detailed work breakdown structure that predicts on what day of the year in future a team will deliver a certain set of features. Agile is about continuous prioritization and customer review to insure that meaningful features are delivered when they are ready and when they are needed.

KIZMET Offerings

  • Agile software development approaches promote high levels visibility, predictability, and quality
  • Visibility is achieved through frequent, regular team status checks and product demos
  • Predictability is achieved through continuous monitoring and updating of the project backlog and burn-down
  • And, quality is maximized by embracing test-first approaches eliminating the "over-the-fence" paradigms of legacy software development methodologies

KIZMET Agile Delivery Model

Our design to delivery approach can be shrunk for simple implementations for small and medium enterprises, and can also be deployed for large, complex projects.



  • Barriers that separates the people will be removed
  • Error resulting from interpretation can be resolved in real time
  • Working software is delivered frequently and even late changes in requirements are welcomed
  • Rapid Customer satisfaction, continuous delivery of useful software