LiDAR data processing is most effective in the field of geographical system (GIS) and of remote sensing for creating DEM (Digital Elevation Model), DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and many other surface models. Airborne Lidar is an active remote sensing technology and is one of the reliable means of terrain data collection
Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) generate accurate height data and intensity images with the aid of IMU and GPS data, which help to model the earth's surface in detail. LiDAR data more accurately create Digital Elevation Model and it is a cost effective application.
Kizmetin association with their partner's instrumentation facilities and with its core strength of LIDAR planning & processing can carry out complete production cycle of airborne LIDAR data acquisition.
Kizmethas the complete understanding of all types of data in LiDAR system presented in ASCII file format or LAS format and has developed custom built utilities for easy classification of LIDAR points. Kizmet has processed LIDAR Data for more than 4000 Sq.Km around the World. With the help of LiDAR data we can also perform data management, 2D & 3D Viewing etc..